Saturday, December 30, 2006


Let ur year(07) flourish with gush of joy,
let ur dreams make u fly,
let ur goals reach to sky,
let word’s of vin’S continue to fry.

This is vin’S wishing you everY PIE of JOY!!!


Monday, December 25, 2006


Let lord jesus wish us

all a blissful life...
Love all, hate none...take care.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

a golDEn commODE !!!

vin’S: A golden commode can only increase the aura of toilet.

So do the physical appearance without a right attitude.
Wanna HAVE IT ???

Saturday, November 25, 2006

BaNGALORU?? BengalurU

U know, our politicians and social workers are at work. Uhh as they have
Freedom, power, authority.. our constitution gives these rights…
Alright …

So what role your playing???
I’m Responsible as I have not voted any politician nor may want to.
How about U?
Han But surely will stand if we al move for it…
Hey lets all even add a suffix to everything…
vin’SU , collegU, gal-friendU, musicU, airU,

I’m not quiet..

vin’S rebelS

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

** ** diwali ** **

Da ta pa¥dib¤dub*.
Wish u al out there a diwali full of lighT.
Pl.z have
badam,kaju,kesar,pista...One one onLY.
N u know wat i'm still hanging around with

sem exam'S,hold with full of lights u know why?
Al tube lights around(mates) to celebrate diwali ha ha.

From vin'S n rest baddi famiLY.
BURST smile and no cracker'S

hu haa! indiA!

We can beat anyone.

And we continue to beat none.


PurE spirit from vin'S

AH my biG B

The height of acting, height of comedy,height of action,
silence,energy,pleasing ... MaY the height till
upto i play with words,MaY bend 4 the one.Oh .
Who'S IT??
My big 'B'.Oops our's.Gettin older.THE BirthdaY of Dr.Amitabh bachan (11/OCT).vin'S

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

dasera AAA



The cake on the table,the candle set, the hands around to clap,the finger to switch off the light,thumbs to capture the moments,knife on action,yet a there was a silence within to listen to them who just popped up in mind from the tinY heaRT.Who?FamiLY man.

For the 1st time BdaY boy vin'S celebrat it without them.

Live life 4 wateveR it takeS.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Completes its 5th Anniversary.
I mourn a minute U may do
the same and this
WORLD with terror will continue to bring such
Dates wat ul do or wat we can do.
Just read this message and let the world move.

Educate the World and there is one rascal less in this WORLD

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Neither I have anything to create issues nor an question
to know its God ALLA or DURGA..
NOr even any logic to sing or rebel for..
Wat is it?
Today (7/6/2006) it’s a centenary yEar of the song
And i love it as vin'S and not as a HINDU nor MUSLIM...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

yo! MY pedagoguE

sTUDENT always have excuses. So do I...
Excuse mE.....

Every morning I buckle up and move to class n therecomes my PEDAGOGUE,
Who sets boundaries 4 me who inspires me to climb to the peak, shares the knowledgE, experienc E in the form of worDS,gestures, silence.
And makes me to taste the worLD, directs the way to my journey. Frames worthY perception which i can adopt, makes me to afford his knowledge, Stands responsible for MY outcomes.
And gives me the life'S best moments.
vin'S honoured to b a student of everyone who been a example in various facet of my life n I want the same to be continued.....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

bolO gajanaN maharaJ ki jai !!!

He is the icebreaker. The first celebrity for all worthy events of mankind be it an opening ceremony or a celebration.
He is an imagination of Artist.
Being a leash idol for all worthy events.

With his countless carving of images in numerous forms.
He is the idol known for his Belly.
Idol ganeSHA.
Celebrate this season passionately.
vin’S celebrating virtuallY.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Exam season: Books start emerging out. A season whicH cloG'S the minDE.
ANd when it flurries, the bookS stuff escapes from carvinG the paper witH answerS. And
at the end engraveS itself on the MArkS shEET...
So let me pass on this season starting from tomorroW.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

yO! vinS

The Day WE Got freedom
From White’S.
The one word which ate sleepless nights,bloodshed’S,
Life’S,families,careers,relTAIonS,smilesJ,homes ,
OnE word bought… violence, non-violence
And do U see its hunger yet at the other side of it. Who know’S when its on the way to hunt u.

The IMPACT of worLDLY desires.
Celebrate if u have a reason the 59th Independence Day..
Or else enjoy without reason.

vinS visualizing freeDOM

Monday, June 12, 2006

the power of expresSION

If U want it...... u'l dO it!

ON to celebraTE RAkHI

a beautifuL tradition to celebraTE the bond of a small
relation were most pampered
loving (sisTeR)
in home will tie a soft string to her
comBAT (broTHER'S)
on his wrist, which as per Indian
Tradition symbolises
that she gives her securitY in safe hanDS of
his brothER.
Yo! the Big bakRA'S of the DaY..
So brother'S enjoY the hard daY on ur
sisteR'S theY quarrel loT>...
they turn the home to areNA!
this is vinS with his baddI familY

Dictionary of vin'S.
Which wouldn't be what it is without1 word,
which brings my liFE in joY,
dire,faith,lovE,win, loooosE, cheeR, commitment, patience
parTY, musiC, battle, quarrel, debaTe,huG,ruN,
waLK, jump, ranT,roll,racE,risk,...SILENCE..
N its al a subset of a woRD
like U....
dedicated to this relation called FriendSHIP.
6 auG 2006 (friend SHIP DAY)

One Man can make the difference the power of one...
Johny Walkers......... Keep Walking

There are many things which thrust U.....Few of them r here, timE........ Girl Friendddd...........
joB............... wiFE............... sms.............................ringS........................
hey U
4 an artist a normal stone brings his imagination to life... N 4 us the same stone is is is.........
ha ha he
noticinglY unnoticed... Everything has something and nothing......
vin'S bringing imagination to liFE.
c H u C K L E

tHE expression within reaching you in termS of charACTERS
to wordS to sentenceS finally
messageS. This is diff'S playing with wordS.
Live 4 watever it Takes...... Everything is eaSY til u set your uncontrollable minD..
drink...... sing.... rant...... jump ....... vomiT......................................... diff'S

Encountered by drink.
Na Re due2 ICFAI College…
Oh God. Till Evening I feel as If
I’m Out of Bar with Cocktail Da.
Am I Drinker Served by Profound


The spirit raising heights, the imagination
building ladder.
vinS gearing up on making life adventurous.
So Continue to elevate your dreamS into

love ha ha..
Bloody a heaven til ur not known that ur fooling urself,
wait its
its life itselfffff...
n once U r aware.... ul experience what is a HELL!.
n its a bloody just a part of ur LIFE
SO live life 4 what ever it TAKES>>>
vin'S rebel'S

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