Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My Surface 2

An Imagination !!

Tk, isn't that’s how its sound when you take out the Kick stand of the Surface. And then if you want to lay it a down little more, there come's the 2nd angle of the kick stand, the Surface 2.

It’s one face that I wanted to carry for long which just garbed me with my notepad, tablet, laptop & PC, all in one, the Surface 2.

Let’s drive to the journey of many angles on the canvas that Surface 2 provides me,

Notes angle:
Getting up at midnight to note that billion dollar idea, or the next line of code to solve the challenge I had, just by snapping out your Surface 2 pen and jotting it on my OneNote, then I end up at office without worrying that I forgot to send my idea to my friend, his one note pushes the new update seamlessly. Boom… Did I say you about the backlit lights of the Type cover 2 and with the 1080 pressure sensors? Amazingly done! And it’s just silent enough not to wake up your partner at night.

Office angle:
Heading office just in a second laying your surface on the dock station and you are on to live it on further…
Pull it off and take your surface for the meeting and forget the pen and notepad, I won’t need them anymore. The Surface Pen and OneNote would replace them completely and intelligently.

Bed angle:
Then while you end up late from office you could just relax with the uber cool XBOX music streaming.
Then a clean smooth popup at the right that your loved one has just shared the snap and you go on to the world of socialising and the coolest integration of FB, twitter in one stream, gets you going without a hassle and thanks to the new Haswell processor, now I can tune in for long hours especially while travelling.

Travel angle:
Well travelling reminds me the power I go with…
Snapping my new Type Cover 2 and Loading my VS 2013 to write code which hit my mind that could solve my whole teams effort, boom! The Surface pro 2 does it damn smooth while the HD movie I was playing is paused and waiting for my attention and then I get a call on Skype from my colleague that he just saw my code update can I review it…. Tada… Isn't that the power, mind you… look at the sky, you are getting unlimited 1 year free calling\Wi-Fi for 60 countries… Uber cool

Family angle:
While I just reach my home town and my nephew snaps the surface for his XBOX games and challenges me for the next high records that I could beat…
And the XBOX one welcomes me home.
While I keep drawing on the vibrant canvas of my surface 2, it keeps growing with free 200 GB space in the SkyDrive; you can't get any better deal than this.
Then a sudden large shout from my chirpy niece who rolls out of the room and pulls the Surface 2 and run for her drawing, the new pen is irresistible.

Search Angle:
Well this is a worst nightmare and the most painfully boring thing to do. Searching for the files, content stored inside files, pictures, audios and videos.
Say you had many pictures of Restaurant menus and you would like to search the restaurant menu with word Paneer.

Well with the new Surface 2 searching anything is seamless, even the text from picture; say a menu snapshot from the restaurant would popup on your unified Bing search… Well what reason one needs to be lazier now? Just dump your files and Bing will get you that, when you want. The most awaited feature is now unleashed. And it will only get powered up as we move ahead.

Share Angle:
With Ethernet, external port connectivity and USB 3.0, sharing has a new potential…

Split Angle:
The split personality in me is on my Surface 2, now even more extended.
At time I have to do more things at once… So multi-tasking is just a piece of cake in Surface 2. It’s get you running multiple applications on same screen simultaneously and portraying it natively on monitors of different resolution without any hiccups… Let me tell you this, now meetings are straight on the topic and not on the projections and the battle on to who knows to switch the monitors right?

Love Angle:
Me, my love and the Surface 2 Pro. Well this story would be too long and tempting J

Well Passionately on my potential with the Surface Pro 2.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lokpal BILL

Have time, Read THIS

I have few things to be questioned on the Lokpal bill and knowing we have 13 versions of it and a new expected... Few points that indeed make me support on the surface I know.

1> This team is receptive to change and that’s a good thing, now if anyone has a question or challenge on the clause in it ... Dare to come out and speak on that and see if you aren’t heard.

Few links to help,

2> The people like Kejriwal who has worked at ground levels for society indeed best know how things work in Practical. I read about him on RD and to touch little on him, he started his journey with the Great MOTHER Terasa.

3> This is a start and there are always hurdles when you’re a reason for change and critics take birth from every nook and corner.

4> People like Anna who bought RTI build up a village which is self-sustaining has proved there worth and learnt how things work on the path they travelled.

5> This is a journey and the bill is not an end. It will have its ups and down as nothing is 100%. So I embrace this lead by the Team and thus I support it to best I know till now.

When we here discussions from journalists, bureaucrats, politics, leader it seems convincing when they speak against the bill and the team Anna’s being questioned couldn’t answer at that point in time. Remember the questions are prepared in advance and not the answers.

We should know the ground if we indeed want to have our words against or For.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

movies X-MEN First Class. A nurture to imagination. Best Scene: Submarine in the AIR!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The chosen one :( Unfortunate, Have to use BSNL 3G... Never imagined to use Bharat ki sabse buri dur sanchar Nigam. ayooooo!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wish u a Valentine

Your heart warmth by 1 so special and all without reasons
A lightened smile carved on face
Shero shayri on tongue!
Hooked by #LOVE

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For the 1st time in history of mankind,"Needs", " Comforts" & "Luxuries" are sold at same price!
Onions Rs.65, Petrol Rs.65, Beer:Rs.65 :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Almost teared by the day on top a call and I hear "I love you" 3 words bang ear drums maddY on his toes,my naughty niece made my day. KIDS

Friday, January 07, 2011

After a long time talk to my GOD 4 few mint.Its one who transformed Me from a being to living Its his grace 4 Im just more romantic evry day
After a long time talk to my GOD 4 few mint who transformed Me from a being to living
Its his grace 4 Im jst mre romantic evry day

Friday, December 31, 2010

WIshing u an Enchanting New year... Keep ROCKING!! vin'S says, have a resolution for life is short to have everything!! Live it up

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cricket the God moves to 50 of Test 100s.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today for the first time ever tried to fast... with only a lemon juice then a coconut water around 5:00 pm was banged with headache... Rushed for food... God

Saturday, December 11, 2010

eTERNAL SUNSHINE of the spotless mind.
Watched this movie 2Day... Katewinslet... JIm... both... too COOL... IMAGINATION biggEr then anytHING we havE

on TRIP COORG , Colleagues


God I literally was on floor on the Rani's avatar as on SNAP... GOD...


Hmmmmmmm Nim Ajji,

Well friday night , had some shopping, been to hospital with Pranaw (he is badly ill, now with malaria), boozed on Dhiraj's party... It was quite good then stumbling went home couldn't sleep for no reasons... Leaving BEd @ night 2 remembering to pay bills. read some book....

Finally the time ticks 3:30... On shower to warm the body which was heated up due to lack of sleep...

Cal'd Gullu.

As we start the First surprise the Mercedes on Race Track... Awesome Vehicle... However sleep was more imp took a sack @ back...

Sorry if I missed saying GM...

The breakfast gave some energy...

Well dumb charades ...

Barsa the Queen : Charlie andre the Chocolate factory... sab members ki kahi kahi barsaat ho gayi...

Dare the Truth:

Chetana : Damned what a story... I had only a plastic bottle in my Hand which my head bared ... She finally stops. Sorry. World is beautifull.

Aravind had a lovelly Slap... and soni cackles on that. Aravind did u heard her?

Gullu Sale: Bhai mujhe isse thoda bacha ke rakhna aur kabhi isko dare mat dena.

Subbu: E is waqt ke liye zabaan kholi kitno ko pata chala iske paach pati ke guN. Kahin mile dund dena yaaro. E shilpi ki Gal friend bi bani hui thi :)

Sala sabke haddi hil gayi muh se jyaada badan bol pada... lekin is praani ka kuch na bigada... jahan beiti thi sala fevicol gira tha kya, yivra ajji.

Yash : the best on Dumb charades, you did left your boy friend on the koko field. Those child's were terrific on play.

Vamshi out live photographer... HE captured most of them in action all on his CELL for he wanted to know the potential of it... We all to know now.
Bhai.. firbi kahan khoye khoye rehte ho yaar. Hope gullu ne aapko raat mein pareshan nahi kiya.

Nitin your step on Rajni... damned ... Killing

Aravind: Bichara , bhai isko (sona) mphasis ke ilava kahi aur job ho tho dilado...
"Aravind I didn't expected this from YOU" ladkiyon ka yahich dialogue...

Aravind sorry for ur not the only one, for SONA has Chetu & mamta...


I have some complaints about u from SONA :)

Hey u guys r a lovely Couple... Ar u rock MAN...

My stand right now, Its content to be a bachelor.


Well the temple & way down to abey falls was cool and walking / running all enjoyed burning calories first to reach.. Thanks aravind for the company..

The madikeri sunset was bewitching and the scenic beauty still refreshes mind on the thought of it. X photo is cool I had a kick on gullus .... do watch for itJ

10, 9 8 .7...0 the sun... she was ravishing.... a flying kiss for her uhmmmmch

The train was pretty cool... (shilpi peps) jinka lakha lakha re lakha... bhutni soni u strangled it....

Then as we turned to home stay some words on for the rooms ....

The stomach ache of rani made pratik saharsh ... even pulling me too a walk, Gupta stays back... We headed on road with pitch dark for around 2 kms.... sala dukan bana diya pratik ko.. e lao oh.. loa...

While we start to leave Shilpi keeps walking left to right

We move ahead ... and somewere deep down find a shop then I call and crap get another order from SONI for bottles.... Naveen bhai aapko paise dene hai iske J

As we walk Saharsh shares some horrified stories and then pratik . ... I just walked listening... a bit of fear... (sala oh budi aurat... I can literally visualize the way you say it saharsh... ur too good @ telling stories man, u can be a hindi teacher, I mean it) While we keep cackling

And then we move ahead....

Finally wrapped an auto driver who was willing to come, while we return... Shilpi is still found walking however this time right to left. J

Nitin bday ... boY .. the cake was delicious...

Well the camp couldn’t catch much fire... however the musical chair warmed my blood a little. Nitin sorry to forward the wrong music files I copied music mid night while was in limbo (sleep /awake). IF my bro here’s it he would kill me.

Finally out on musical CHAIR... so

I decide to take the sack.

Pratik sorry.... bro... however we saw u sleep good...

And gals and boys while I went to sleep ... gupta was 2 men (saharsh, vamshi) away from me...

Well before sleep we had some cool fun with Gupta.

Vamshi joins late.

Early morning I wakeUP first got the hot water... as I’m ready N come out, then again shilpi left right round.... walking .... god... let me leave her hear now...

and then I head to breakfast with others .. after this.. pull the photographer (saharsh) and take some artistic snaps, Pratik to joins... plz bare if u have happen to see . Have to pull it from Saharsh... have been too busy this days.

Then the play of chain was cool, one more thing funny here... shilpi almost run like a child J, ... Chaitra... u have a chweet smile JJ.... Mamta U run good. Tanks for the water bottles.. Chetu... yeshtale adu make up ge time..u...

The music now on Mercedes.... its was turned to rolls Royce... And that made me indeed move... the real energy... altec Speakers? Man Nitin they moved me...

Love u for that.. then the step u made on running and dance.. U ROCKED

Thanks every one... As my favourite goes “This ain't a song for the brokenhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud”

Talakaveri The mountains a top loved climbing then cool snaps... Chaitra.. Mamta thanks for being there on the spot u walked I liked it being there....

Guy’s u should watch this SNAP... damned damn cool... Naveen mein mar java mit java...

Aantakshari this was cool.. .Aravind suffers from Short term memory I know that.. man he sung almost songs repeatedly... Mere Aamir khan.

Arun bhai en haad galu ri.. sakkad... NAVU IVRANNU Karediddu

Nam naveen.. hawa hawa... kya gana re ba ba... Aage se I hate u ... aur e piche se I love... u.

Barso re megha megha barso re megha... u sung the song well barsa. And u were the best masala on the dish naveen.

Mamta .. chaitra .. u guys know hell lots of hindi songs.. .Pratik u too gave a pep...

Bharat mata... Shilpi. She is a patriot guys....

However nothing could disturbed the mammoth Subbu... sala na gaddi na naveen ki awaaz... Soni u too pulled lovely songs.

Missed shilpa and Rajat this trip...

However in the true spirit of enjoyment for I just been there and join the crowd to whatever u did... sparing my energy on this mail.... when u have to learn u have to watch... so was doing to my best to learn sth new from u guys...

Pal’s I could all want was to see and enjoy what others do...

As there are 2 trips lines ahead so wanted to learn things and had some good things so got some cool ways from most of u.... Sorry for taking this J

Nitin thanks for the Treat... Saharsh... ur dialogue with that right emotion... All india _____ party.

Gulu urs one on Bookish knowledge..

Pratik I have to know Gandhi is a good person.

Naveen love u for the arrangement...

My awards..

The untouched Creature : Subbu

Entertainer : Naveen

Nature Photographer : Saharsh

Human Photographer : Nitin



Best boy:

Best Gal:


Sala ab kuch aur bhi kaam karna hai.. thatz it from me... Hope the next trip will be pepped up just because every1 wants to be best...


Planning was excellent .. however Vehicle... Execution on plans... too bad, we have to respect others on the language so a hindi English apart from kannada. Not everyone is sportive.

However we were good enough to live to our best whatever the odds. Thtz the way.... to live.. Keep rocking

Question where did gullu made ulti?

Finally a gentle heart finds joy everywhere.

This is vin’S signing off. Thanks for your time guys... love u all.

So let me see now if the energy of u guys still extend this mail... who will

Forgive me for if any bad jokes , act of mine had penetrated ur hearts...

Nim ajji

Comments _____________________________________________________________________

from Sona.Raovp

Winnie the pooh

Kya mail bheja re

Dimag ka dahi vada bana diyaJ

But it’s a funny and nice composition …

Fell down and laughed for these lines

Barsa the Queen : Charlie andre the Chocolate factory... sab members ki kahi kahi barsaat ho gayi...

Subbu: E is waqt ke liye zabaan kholi kitno ko pata chala iske paach pati ke guN. Kahin mile dund dena yaaro. E shilpi ki Gal friend bi bani hui thi :)

Chetana : damned what a story... I had only a plastic bottle in my Hand which my head bared ... She finally stops. Sorry. World is beautifull.

However nothing could disturbed the mammoth Subbu

Subbu u shud start talking next time…

Chetu and barsa kick VinayakJ

from Barsa.Mishra

Ok Baddi


Have a grate Monday in MphasiS

May God Bless U



from Chaithra.P

Ya Vinayak, u have mentioned every bit in detail... U Got nice memory and talent to remember all the things and addin ur own humour to it.. Way to go Buddy (or Baddi :D )




Sasura…Likhne se jyada time to padhne me lag gaya.

And Sona captured it right…Dimag ka dahi-vada-idli bangaya

But nice composition dude…nostalgic

If I were not so picky, I would have said I liked every bit of the tour…But what I really liked is the relaxed pace, the dance in the bus and the photography. Definitely a memorable one.

from s.arvind

Good afternoon all …

Hope you are all doing great!!

I am yet to properly sit and see all the facebook photos and comments!!

Buddy… awesome composing of all the happening with good humour … kya katha likha he re ….

Sale, software company mein bait ke kya ker raha hai …

You are a good suit for a journalist …

nahi to bacchon ko katha sunao … teacher ban jao …

Chetana se slap bhi mila aur story bhi suna, kya kahani tha, aur meri biwi ke peeche bhi padi hai … ab mein kyaaaa karoooooon :P

Guys, make sure Chetana sits nowhere near my biwi J

Aur complaints to hamesha rehta he re sab ko ;) n thanku for the compliments J

List of Awards mein –

Best Narrator shared between Vinayak and Chetana

Best Slapper – Chetana

Best photographer – Saharsh

Best Couple – Chetana/Mamtha & Sona (Taking turns… huh :P)

Best videographer – Vamsi – Nice Videos from mobile da … super!!

N so on ….

Keep mailing n keep smiling J



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