Tuesday, October 31, 2006

** ** diwali ** **

Da ta pa¥dib¤dub*.
Wish u al out there a diwali full of lighT.
Pl.z have
badam,kaju,kesar,pista...One one onLY.
N u know wat i'm still hanging around with

sem exam'S,hold with full of lights u know why?
Al tube lights around(mates) to celebrate diwali ha ha.

From vin'S n rest baddi famiLY.
BURST smile and no cracker'S

hu haa! indiA!

We can beat anyone.

And we continue to beat none.


PurE spirit from vin'S

AH my biG B

The height of acting, height of comedy,height of action,
silence,energy,pleasing ... MaY the height till
upto i play with words,MaY bend 4 the one.Oh .
Who'S IT??
My big 'B'.Oops our's.Gettin older.THE BirthdaY of Dr.Amitabh bachan (11/OCT).vin'S

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

dasera AAA



The cake on the table,the candle set, the hands around to clap,the finger to switch off the light,thumbs to capture the moments,knife on action,yet a there was a silence within to listen to them who just popped up in mind from the tinY heaRT.Who?FamiLY man.

For the 1st time BdaY boy vin'S celebrat it without them.

Live life 4 wateveR it takeS.


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