Sunday, August 27, 2006

bolO gajanaN maharaJ ki jai !!!

He is the icebreaker. The first celebrity for all worthy events of mankind be it an opening ceremony or a celebration.
He is an imagination of Artist.
Being a leash idol for all worthy events.

With his countless carving of images in numerous forms.
He is the idol known for his Belly.
Idol ganeSHA.
Celebrate this season passionately.
vin’S celebrating virtuallY.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Exam season: Books start emerging out. A season whicH cloG'S the minDE.
ANd when it flurries, the bookS stuff escapes from carvinG the paper witH answerS. And
at the end engraveS itself on the MArkS shEET...
So let me pass on this season starting from tomorroW.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

yO! vinS

The Day WE Got freedom
From White’S.
The one word which ate sleepless nights,bloodshed’S,
Life’S,families,careers,relTAIonS,smilesJ,homes ,
OnE word bought… violence, non-violence
And do U see its hunger yet at the other side of it. Who know’S when its on the way to hunt u.

The IMPACT of worLDLY desires.
Celebrate if u have a reason the 59th Independence Day..
Or else enjoy without reason.

vinS visualizing freeDOM

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