Monday, January 15, 2007

sankRANTI bantu rippO rippO

Take a smile, give a smile, leave a smile

wish ur dreams flY higher.
Have No regret's its not who, what made the kite its how it endures in skY.

Wish u a happY sankranTI

vin'S FLOWS ~~~~~

Friday, January 12, 2007

apni tOh path shala masti ki path shalA, ______ control, tnN!!!

The alarm banged yelling to buckle up, so I stretched myself n started to make my day, the vehicle welcomed us with its seats popping up to hold us.N the compartment pulling us to move our everY part of boDY rock the whole bUS with the rhythm of music, whistle, smiles n it turned itself as a dice...

EverYONE with sheer joY n with co-ordination of theiR body n mind escapin from their daILy chores. As we were al hanged on to dancing, singing a sudden brake of bus pulled us afront, to get doWN to the land of somsamudra n catch the beautY waiting to bewitch us,n how could we stop.

EverYONE out with theiR gadgets, few of us walking with shoRT steps due to daNCInG restless, at few short steps ahead, there was a whisper; calling us to come closer, as we added a few steps there was the tremendous water flowing through the veins of mother earTH, speaking by its splendid move as "Watch me I came to resurrect those who have passed away being alive, to relish those who were captured by materialistic life, she added I have come from clouds to rain, passing from al tangle's, who now could dare to stop us to capture her in our eyES, which were baffled on were to stick n they were stumbling stretching its vision, once I could manage it; than there was the mammoth of water kissing every rock around n big splash giving the splendid milkY appearance n the water droplets trying to hide the beauty around, yet we received her jOY, her love towards the rocks, the greenerY around trying to grab the moisture, n we al to capture them on our gadgets. It was al mesmerizing.

Then there was the voice of the organizers to get in the bus, than we continued 4 talkadu the next destination. If possible I’ll append it here,

Who managed this trip?
Yo, Our faculties, centre head, n rest staff of ICFAI who made us to make this day of our life without restricting us with our comfort levels what could u ask more 4 their endeavors, Just made it to be one of our most memorable daY in our life.

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