Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm blessed to be hale and hearty, and if I go out of course, there's one who gives me my days. He is my doctor.
Happy doctors day!
I have the potential to dream,
But limits thinking realistic.Hence I continue the journey called madness.

As we walk life's journey, we come across numerous wonders!
And to continue this journey we find a lane to move on. Here is ur turn, so drive with passion, overtake urself.


He's cool,
He's fool,
He carts,
He farts
He mingle's
He jingle's
He hoodwinks
He stink's
He is my nitwit bunny,
My dear friend honeY!
love u,ur naughty maddY!


Wondering how would life be lived ruled by dictator
No freedom of speech,
No possession of desires,
No free lane to walk on..
A cocoon under a fence.
Wake up


Sun is almost at 60deg to earth, an rays passes my eyelids appearing gloomy red.
Ur lazy disciple reacts 2 his senses. Ah!
No one to whack nor to squeeze my ears.
an alarm popping teachers day!
Soon a kind of bollywood sequences,
Summary goes like this:
I realise tht many made my way to desert, n a few who enlightened me 2 discover the rest world.
Life penetrates everywhere.
But few made me sense where and what I'm.

Thank u teacher.
ur's vin'S


The biggest threat to men is his own words.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


A hope and a wondrous way to begin 
a perky life this year and wrap the 
year 08 with all good things to smile
and all hard days to lead u ahead.

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