Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My Surface 2

An Imagination !!

Tk, isn't that’s how its sound when you take out the Kick stand of the Surface. And then if you want to lay it a down little more, there come's the 2nd angle of the kick stand, the Surface 2.

It’s one face that I wanted to carry for long which just garbed me with my notepad, tablet, laptop & PC, all in one, the Surface 2.

Let’s drive to the journey of many angles on the canvas that Surface 2 provides me,

Notes angle:
Getting up at midnight to note that billion dollar idea, or the next line of code to solve the challenge I had, just by snapping out your Surface 2 pen and jotting it on my OneNote, then I end up at office without worrying that I forgot to send my idea to my friend, his one note pushes the new update seamlessly. Boom… Did I say you about the backlit lights of the Type cover 2 and with the 1080 pressure sensors? Amazingly done! And it’s just silent enough not to wake up your partner at night.

Office angle:
Heading office just in a second laying your surface on the dock station and you are on to live it on further…
Pull it off and take your surface for the meeting and forget the pen and notepad, I won’t need them anymore. The Surface Pen and OneNote would replace them completely and intelligently.

Bed angle:
Then while you end up late from office you could just relax with the uber cool XBOX music streaming.
Then a clean smooth popup at the right that your loved one has just shared the snap and you go on to the world of socialising and the coolest integration of FB, twitter in one stream, gets you going without a hassle and thanks to the new Haswell processor, now I can tune in for long hours especially while travelling.

Travel angle:
Well travelling reminds me the power I go with…
Snapping my new Type Cover 2 and Loading my VS 2013 to write code which hit my mind that could solve my whole teams effort, boom! The Surface pro 2 does it damn smooth while the HD movie I was playing is paused and waiting for my attention and then I get a call on Skype from my colleague that he just saw my code update can I review it…. Tada… Isn't that the power, mind you… look at the sky, you are getting unlimited 1 year free calling\Wi-Fi for 60 countries… Uber cool

Family angle:
While I just reach my home town and my nephew snaps the surface for his XBOX games and challenges me for the next high records that I could beat…
And the XBOX one welcomes me home.
While I keep drawing on the vibrant canvas of my surface 2, it keeps growing with free 200 GB space in the SkyDrive; you can't get any better deal than this.
Then a sudden large shout from my chirpy niece who rolls out of the room and pulls the Surface 2 and run for her drawing, the new pen is irresistible.

Search Angle:
Well this is a worst nightmare and the most painfully boring thing to do. Searching for the files, content stored inside files, pictures, audios and videos.
Say you had many pictures of Restaurant menus and you would like to search the restaurant menu with word Paneer.

Well with the new Surface 2 searching anything is seamless, even the text from picture; say a menu snapshot from the restaurant would popup on your unified Bing search… Well what reason one needs to be lazier now? Just dump your files and Bing will get you that, when you want. The most awaited feature is now unleashed. And it will only get powered up as we move ahead.

Share Angle:
With Ethernet, external port connectivity and USB 3.0, sharing has a new potential…

Split Angle:
The split personality in me is on my Surface 2, now even more extended.
At time I have to do more things at once… So multi-tasking is just a piece of cake in Surface 2. It’s get you running multiple applications on same screen simultaneously and portraying it natively on monitors of different resolution without any hiccups… Let me tell you this, now meetings are straight on the topic and not on the projections and the battle on to who knows to switch the monitors right?

Love Angle:
Me, my love and the Surface 2 Pro. Well this story would be too long and tempting J

Well Passionately on my potential with the Surface Pro 2.

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