Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lokpal BILL

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I have few things to be questioned on the Lokpal bill and knowing we have 13 versions of it and a new expected... Few points that indeed make me support on the surface I know.

1> This team is receptive to change and that’s a good thing, now if anyone has a question or challenge on the clause in it ... Dare to come out and speak on that and see if you aren’t heard.

Few links to help,

2> The people like Kejriwal who has worked at ground levels for society indeed best know how things work in Practical. I read about him on RD and to touch little on him, he started his journey with the Great MOTHER Terasa.

3> This is a start and there are always hurdles when you’re a reason for change and critics take birth from every nook and corner.

4> People like Anna who bought RTI build up a village which is self-sustaining has proved there worth and learnt how things work on the path they travelled.

5> This is a journey and the bill is not an end. It will have its ups and down as nothing is 100%. So I embrace this lead by the Team and thus I support it to best I know till now.

When we here discussions from journalists, bureaucrats, politics, leader it seems convincing when they speak against the bill and the team Anna’s being questioned couldn’t answer at that point in time. Remember the questions are prepared in advance and not the answers.

We should know the ground if we indeed want to have our words against or For.


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